I am a goldsmith & sculptor living and working in Southern California. At larger scales, I work with stones including marble, onyx, & travertine. My jewelry practice includes traditional goldsmithing techniques, & hand-carving & hand-forming wax that is cast into fine metals. This form of sculpting allows me to make objects with an intimate relationship to the body, & to focus on creating jewelry objects that are organic, gestural & loose.

Often, my pieces carry imprints from the process of creation, including fingerprints & tool marks. My work is informed by landscapes & textures. The collection Gold Ocean is an homage to the ocean landscape. Each piece carries the essence of the sea, evoking a sense of strength & grace. Like uncovering lost treasures, the jewelry becomes more beautiful with time & wear, reflecting the journey of the wearer. 

Please email hello@studiomari.co with questions or if you'd like more information about one of a kind pieces & creating custom work.